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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Winter 2006 - 2007

The weather in Lefkas is fantastic during this winter. Almost all days are dry, sunny and warm. Temperatures during noon were from 15 C to 20 C and at night from 6 C to 15 C. The bright green colour of the trees, combined with the sea blue and the sunshine makes winter Lefkas much more beautiful than you remember during summers.
Thanks to global warming, the number of winter swimmers has increased drastically. The photos were taken on 4/2/2007 and you can see Nidri, Perigiali, Scorpios, Meganisi, Sparti, Madouri, Cheloni, Kalamos as well as the coast of the mainland.
QUIZ!! From which spot have these photos been taken?

1 comment:

vaya addict said...

Could it be the balcony at Eleni och Akis house???